Test and replace AI model

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You can test the customer service of the store here until you are satisfied with the test before going online to the front desk of the store.

There are 3 models to choose from


Use of fewer tokens, reasonable pricing and fast response speed. GPT-3.5, a transition model between GPT-3 and GPT-4, maintained GPT-3's strengths, but incorporated enhancements in language understanding and generation, offering users more coherent and contextually appropriate responses.


Smarter, uses 10x tokens comparing to GPT3.5. For example, a single conversation in GPT-3.5 consumes about 2k tokens, while the same conversation in GPT-4 would consume approximately 20k tokens.GPT-4, released later, represents a significant leap forward in AI capability. With more training data and improved architecture, GPT-4 can comprehend complex contexts better and produce more nuanced and creative outputs.While it continues to excel in language tasks, GPT-4 also demonstrates impressive capacity for reasoning and problem-solving, pushing the boundary of what AI can achieve.

Claude3 Opus

Newest model of Claude! The number of tokens used is higher, uses 10x tokens comparing to GPT3.5. Claude3 combines a broad knowledge with strong reasoning and language understanding abilities. This lets it communicate in a clear, coherent way and even tackle complex problems. Claude3's language style is more relaxed and humorous, which is noticeably different from the GPT series.