How to install HeiChat?

Video Tutorial

  • How to install HeiChat?
  • How do I view the chat log?


1.Open shopify appstore

2.Click install and click install app to install

3.On boarding (1/3)

Enter the name of the chatbot, the introduction of the store, and then the next step. The name of the chat robot will appear in the customer service robot of the store. (you can change it at any time later)
This is a best way to customize store AI. You can write about the history of the brand, the offline store information of the brand, the purpose of the brand and so on, And also write the language information of the main customers of the brand.

For example, the brand is mainly for French customers. You can write here that all customers speak French and require the customer service to speak only French.

4.On boarding-store Theme Editor preview (2/3)

Click to open the theme editor of the store and install it.

5.On boarding-click save to install successfully (3/3)