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* Based on our 1500+clients, HeiChat ChatGPT ChatBot is the most efficient way to engage with customers and increase sales.

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5 months using the app

Installing it was a breeze, and I was amazed by its intuitive interface. In no time flat, the bot was operational, fielding customer inquiries and recommending relevant products tailored to their tastes. This freed me up to concentrate on procuring and curating inventory, reassured that my clientele was in capable hands. But the real revelation came just the other day when reviewing sales data. To my astonishment, the bot had already generated over $500 in revenue, handily offsetting the subscription cost.

Plámenna Fashion Boutique®
Plámenna Fashion Boutique®


4 months using the app

My first impressions (and review) were very negative, however for the last month the App improved significantly and now is much more useful. The Chatbot is now able to "learn" the shop policies and to give relevant answers to questions regarding shipping and return conditions etc. Also the product recommendations improved a lot. The support team is very responsive and open for feedback.

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  • Available 24/7, reply in up to 70 languages
  • Understands customer’s intent, recommends 500 products within the store.
  • 100 knowledge base
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  • Able to change AI models(GPT 4 supported)
  • Recommends 3000 products within the store.
  • 1000 knowledge base
  • 16,500,000 token/month

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  • Recommends 20000 products within the store
  • 3000 Knowledge Base
  • 80,000,000 Token/month
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Customize a chatbot for your company at the enterprise level that can be used in any scenario, supporting localized deployment.


HeiChat is a no-code AI Chatbots builder using an advanced scraping technology to provide instant and accurate answers to your customers' questions 24/7.

The Shopify app and the website version are completely independent. The Shopify app is specifically built for Shopify and deeply integrated with it. If you have a Shopify site, we strongly recommend using the Shopify app. The website version uses web crawlers, manual import of knowledge bases, and other methods to obtain data. It is more general-purpose and suitable for all websites.

You can add your chatbot in a few clicks by going in Dashboard > Install to your store> Click on Install. At the moment you can either install it manually by pasting our code snippet in your header, or choose our partners integrations (Shopify, Wordpress…)

HeiChat supports more than 70 languages. No matter the language of your store, HeiChat will answer your customers based on the language they use to ask questions or interact with your Chatbot.

Yes, you can change several parameters such as your contact info, welcome message, as well as creating new corrections based on your customers' questions for your chatbot to learn and improve its answers.

Indeed, HeiChat uses GPT-3.5/GPT-4/Claude AI technology to provide the most accurate answers to your visitors and customers, and to keep the conversation with your users as natural and human as possible.

Your data is stored safely on our Amazon Web Services Servers, and everything is fully confidential.

Shopify app is ready for this. Coming soon for site: We are currently working on a feature allowing you to temporary pause the AI in a specific conversation, and answer a customer manually.

You can embed HeiChat on any website

HeiChat offers a 'Train and Fine-Tune My AI' feature that enables you to accurately edit the AI's responses. If you're not completely satisfied with the AI's replies, you can create a correction and suggest the correct answer for similar questions in the future.

We are currently working on this feature, and it will be available within a few days. You will also be able to refresh it manually.

No, HeiChat AI is a No-code Chatbot builder. You can build your chatbot in a matter of seconds, and add it to your website very easily.

After creating your bot, click on 'Install' and insert the provided code snippet in the header (HTML) of your website. Once that is done, your chatbot will be ready and operational.

When customers are left with questions or struggling to find products, you lose out on easy sales.

online shoppers abandon their shopping process if they can't easily find the product they're looking for


online shoppers abandon their purchase if they can't get quick answers to their questions

*source: Baymard Institute

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Heichat is dedicated to enhancing customer service experience through AI technology. By learning about your store's products/policies, it can efficiently handle customer service tasks, reducing your burden and boosting your sales.

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